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Debt Investors

The Waln Team is pleased to announce a new investment program providing very attractive fixed rate returns. This program offered through Pinnacle Lending LLC provides the answer to the request so many of our clients have made for short-term, safe, fixed real estate investment options.

This program is set up to allow both qualified (self-directed IRA) and non-qualified investment funds. Deposited funds are invested in construction loans for high-quality, local real estate projects that we manage.

Returns are fixed with rates as high as 8%. Investment term is 18 months for the initial investment with 12-month extensions available.

This investment is extremely secure as any construction loans made must:

  • Be secured by a Promissory Note and Deed of Trust
  • Loans cannot exceed 60% loan to value (LTV) as per the Operating Agreement

This provides our clients with the ability to achieve both returns and safety that are extremely difficult to match.

Please contact us in order to either schedule an appointment to learn more about this exciting product or register to attend one of our upcoming small group investor briefings held at our Kirkland office.

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