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Equity Investors

Regardless of whether you have decades of experience as an investor or you are just starting out with real estate as a part of your investment portfolio, HTI Wealth is uniquely qualified to bring you syndications (joint investments among multiple investors) that allow you to accomplish more.

We do this by bringing like-minded investors together (typically ranging from 6-25 investors per deal total) to purchase properties in well-established locations that are in high demand and ripe for remodeling or complete redevelopment. An equity investor is an owner in the project. They have the potential for high returns (15%-25% or more typically) and also take on the risk of the potential for loss depending on how the project works out. HTI Wealth only pursues projects that we believe have a high probability of achieving a 15%-25% return or more.

Equity investors need to bear in mind however, that just like investing in a stock for example, direct investments in real estate have the potential to lose money under certain circumstances that may be outside the control of HTI Wealth or anybody for that matter. We feel that there is definitely a solid place for equity investment in real estate in most, if not all, balanced investment portfolios.

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