Waln Team Funding has over 37 years combined experience in real estate sales and investing. Over the course of our combined careers, we have been fortunate to serve thousands of clients who have benefited from our vast knowledge, experience and resourcefulness.

As our focus on new investments increased, we realized an exciting opportunity for our clients to provide them with even more options in real estate investing. Creating investment vehicles to fund real estate re-development projects allows clients to participate in new ways that provide a more predictable rate of return than other real estate investments. This provides our clients with access to safe, fixed-rate, short-term investments with return interest rates in the 6%-8% range.

What is Waln Team Funding?

Waln Team Funding is a close-ended fund that exists exclusively to provide short-term construction loans to Waln Team Investments for apartment building redevelopment projects.

This fund operates on a sound business model which requires that the fund secures each investment with a Deed of Trust against the property being developed, as well as a Promissory Note from Waln Team Investments to Waln Team Funding. This is a similar process that commercial lenders use to make construction loans. Waln Team Investments has access to the short-term construction loans it needs and Waln Team Funding clients have the opportunity to benefit from low-risk, high-yield investments.

The construction lending fund that makes up Waln Team Funding is currently capped at $7,000,000. The reason for this cap is to ensure that all of the projects we provide construction loans for are overseen directly by our executives. It’s important that the management of these investments be overseen by a team with this level of experience to ensure both the safety and attractive returns our clients deserve.

As a short-term, special incentive to our valued clients, Waln Team Funding is offering a fixed-rate return of 8% for the initial 18-month investment term to clients who invest the next $3,000,000.

Why Invest?

What are the primary attributes investors want in an investment?

Based on our experience working with hundreds of investors, the top of the list includes:

  • Safety
  • Return
  • Control of the term of the investment

Waln Team Funding investments possess these attributes, which are difficult to find with such a large return on investment, in a way that is easy to participate in and keep track of.

The initial term for an investment is 18 months, which can be extended by mutual agreement for an additional 12 months, multiple times if desired.

It is rare to find a safe, high-quality investment that gives a client this much control and a fixed-return of 6%. Don’t forget our special incentive is currently offering an 8% return for the initial 18-month term for a limited time.


Investors will receive an investment opportunity that is hard to match:

  • Initial investment term of 18 months
  • Investment terms are renewable for 12 month periods
  • A 6%, fixed rate return on funds invested
  • A special 8%, fixed-rate return will be paid to investors who commit the next $3M to the fund

Risk Mitigation

Potential investments are only as good as their management of risk. Often referred to as the Risk-Reward Curve, we have been taught and come to expect that as the return (or reward) of an investment increases, the risk of losing, not only our return, but even the initial money we invested increases as well.

The executives at Waln Team Funding are dedicated to managing risk and increasing return for the benefit of our clients. Our business plan mandates a number of things that mitigate and reduce risk:

  • Funds are only permitted to be in one of two places:
    • Short-term construction loans to Waln Team Investments or
    • In Waln Team Funding’s FDIC insured money management account at Chase Bank
  • Waln Team Funding requires that Waln Team Investments does not exceed 60% loan to value (LTV). This means that for every $0.60 loaned, there is $1.00 or more in hard assets securing the loan.
  • Waln Team Funding requires that Waln Team Investments secure each construction loan with a Deed of Trust putting up the assets of the construction project as collateral for the construction loan.
  • Waln Team Funding requires that Waln Team Investments executes a Promissory Note putting up the assets of Waln Team Investments as additional backing for the promise to repay the construction loan.
  • This means that the investors in Waln Team Funding get paid before any property they invest in can be sold.

In addition to the limitations and requirements listed above, Waln Team Funding provides construction loans for Waln Team Investments exclusively. This means that all projects for which Waln Team Funding provides construction loans will be overseen directly by our executives.

The Process

Waln Team Funding provides a great investment alternative for the portion of a client’s portfolio designated for fixed rate investments. There is a great deal of safety built in, the returns are much higher than alternative fixed rate investments, and the process is simple to do and easy keep track of..

Once it has been determined that Waln Team Funding is a good investment fit for you, we will execute an investment package that includes:

  • Lending Agreement – This is a document stipulating that the client intends to invest a specific amount of money with Waln Team Funding for a defined period of time. Initial investments are for an 18-month term, which can be extended for additional 12-month terms with mutual agreement. The Lending Agreement will also state the interest rate that will be paid to the client and by what means (typically bank wire or check) the client will make the investment or deposit.
  • Promissory Note – The Promissory Note is executed by Waln Team Funding to the client. This will restate the terms of the investment noted in the Lending Agreement and create a legal obligation for Waln Team Funding to repay the investment, with the agreed upon interest rate by a specific date.
  • Term Deposit Statement – This document is very similar to a bank statement. The Term Deposit Statement provides a receipt of how much the client invested, on what date the funds were invested, what date the funds are due to be repaid, and how much interest has been accrued.

Once the term of your investment is complete, you and Waln Team Funding will have the opportunity to decide if you want to reinvest some or all of your investment (plus your earned interest) or simply cash out your investment. Waln Team Funding gives you a great deal of flexibility and control in an investment that provides an attractive return along with the safety of a real estate investment.

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