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Message of Hope and Great New Investment Opportunities!

How many times have you caught yourself thinking “wow, if only I’d gotten into that investment back when I had the chance!”?

Things are not the way that they used to be. Those waiting for “the good old days” will miss out forever. The great news is that things are BETTER but they are DIFFERENT. Those that are willing to adapt not only survive, they thrive. What’s more is that they are happier as well.

Our company has been busy investing in exciting opportunities that didn’t exist before not only for our own benefit but to share them with YOU our valued clients and friends.

We’re helping many of our clients finally move on with their long-term goals that they once thought might never happen:

  • Restructuring their investment portfolio
  • Selling their homes and investments and moving out of state to realize their long-term retirement plans
  • Selling their larger homes and buying smaller, more comfortable homes
  • Selling their larger homes and buying their dream homes
  • They are no longer allowing circumstances to stop them from moving on with their hopes and dreams!

Investment Options:

  • Individuals can invest on their own again! Whether they are just starting out or finally continuing to build the portfolio of their dreams.
  • Cooperative investments
    • Small partnerships between friends or past clients of our we help get together
    • Syndications like Halcyon, Kahala, Azalea or Begonia
  • Becoming a development partner with HTI Wealth.
    • We are extremely excited to offer the opportunity for our past clients to use their existing investments to partner with HTI Wealth and participate in the upside potential of real estate development in this truly exciting market.
    • We have already partnered with several clients in truly exciting development projects.
    • We are excited to discuss this opportunity with those of you that have long dreamed of taking advantage of developing. Together we can do amazing and exciting things!
  • Safe, short-term, fixed rate investments that compete with Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) or Treasury Bills (T-Bills). What is so exciting is that rather than offering ridiculously low rates of return (much lower than inflation) our Pinnacle Lending program offers guaranteed, safe rates in the 6%-8% range!

We have worked hard and invested in new business assets and opportunities to help us achieve our own personal financial goals. As always, we are extremely excited to share these opportunities with our long-term clients and friends that helped make our success possible in the first place.

We are all stronger when working together!