As our relationships with our clients matured over the years, The Waln Team grew to provide for the real estate needs of those clients. In addition to listing and selling our clients' homes, we branched into selling individual apartment buildings and have sold over 500 buildings to date. We also created real estate syndications which allow groups of investors to invest in larger projects with the amount of money they can afford while avoiding the responsibilities of an individual owner. Finally, we created the opportunity for our clients to invest in fixed-rate construction loans through Waln Team Funding.

Available Investment Opportunities

Movement between Primary Residences

This is the original business of The Waln Team and continues to be our core business today. The Waln Team has years of experience helping our clients plan and execute their move from one home to another. Whether it's your first home, you're selling and buying a larger home, downsizing, or selling and leaving the area, The Waln Team has the experience of thousands of transactions which enable us to make these events efficient and profitable no matter what stage of the home ownership cycle you are in.

Direct Purchase of Individual Buildings

This is another large part of The Waln Team's business. To date we have helped our clients purchase over 500 small apartment buildings as individual investments. Over the years we've had the privilege of working together with hundreds of investor clients to grow their real estate investment portfolios in ways ranging from simply purchasing multiple properties over the years to selling one or more properties and moving the equity (typically through the 1031 Exchange process) into larger, more valuable, and more efficient buildings.

Real Estate Syndications

A real estate syndication is comprised of multiple investors joining together to participate in larger real estate investments without the personal responsibility. Our syndications typically focus on purchasing existing apartment buildings that are in good locations and approximately 40-50 years old. Our syndications purchase the buildings, bring them up to date by fully remodeling them, release the units while raising rents typically 70-100%, and then sell the building for much more, with an increased value derived through our remodeling and repositioning efforts. Clients invest in our syndications with as little as $25,000 and as much as $250,000 depending on the needs of their investment portfolio.

Fixed Rate Investments

Fixed rate investments are completed through the Waln Team Funding division of our business. We are able to provide our clients with safe, short-term, fixed rates of return of 6%-8% as a solid piece of their overall investment portfolio.

Why Invest with Waln Team Investments?

What are the primary attributes investors want in an investment?

Based on our experience working with hundreds of investors, the top of the list includes:

  • Safety
  • Return
  • Control of the term of the investment

Waln Team Investments possess these attributes by combining the ability to coordinate our client's investments including:

  • Their homes
  • Individually owned real estate investments
  • Group real estate investments -- Syndications
  • High, fixed-rate returns -- through Waln Team Funding

The ability to create a plan and manage these asset classes in an overall investment strategy has helped hundreds of our clients create and continue to grow significant amounts of wealth and create strong passive income for their retirement years.

What are the benefits an investor will receive working with Waln Team Investments?

  • The Waln Team has a tremendous amount of experience to put to work for our investors. This means that our clients end up with better properties and less stress and anxiety than a "typical" real estate transaction.
  • The Waln Team works with our investors to ensure that their real estate investments are diversified and work collectively as a whole to empower our clients to create the wealth and cash flow necessary for financial independence and retirement.

Risk Mitigation

Potential investments are only as good as their management of risk. Often referred to as the Risk-Reward Curve, we have been taught and come to expect that as the return (or reward) of an investment increases, the risk of losing, not only our return, but even the initial money we invested increases as well.

The executives at Waln Team Funding are dedicated to managing risk and increasing return for the benefit of our clients. Our business plan mandates a number of things that mitigate and reduce risk:

  • Clients "grow" into varying real estate investment asset classes as their experience grows over time.
  • Waln Team Investments works together with our clients to ensure that all of their investments work well together and efficiently toward the ultimate goal of financial independence.
  • Waln Team Investments emphasizes the importance of short and mid-term reserves so our client's portfolios are prepared to weather both expected and unexpected changes in the real estate market.
  • Regular review and adjustment. Waln Team Investments provides our clients with biannual portfolio reviews to ensure that their investments are operating as effectively as possible to ensure the ultimate goal of financial independence. This requires taking into account changes in the overall real estate market, financing options, changes in the individual and family circumstances. It is crucial to evaluate all of these ever-changing aspects to ensure that our clients' portfolios perform as well as possible.

The Process

At Waln Team Investments, we understand most people are seeking the acquisition of financial security and the means to protect it once achieved. Even though most people have similar goals, each client has different needs, opportunities, and levels of experience.

  • Personal Financial Evaluation - Each client begins working with Waln Team Investments by completing a comprehensive financial evaluation with one of our investment professionals.
  • Customized Long-Term Planning - Based on the client's current financial situation, previous experience and goals, your Waln Team Investment professional will empower you to realize your long term financial goals by ensuring that your investments are appropriately allocated to achieve the highest rate of return while not exceeding your personal tolerance for risk.
  • Regular Review and Fine Tuning - Each client is eligible and highly encouraged to meet in person with a Waln Team Investment professional every six months. This allows us to suggest alterations in your customized plans when market forces or personal life changes provide new opportunity to increase return and reduce risk.

It is only by following this process systematically over time that one can have the opportunity to achieve true financial freedom in their lifetime. Waln Team Investment executives are ready to help you through this process in an efficient and profitable way.

Let's Start the Process Today

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