Our Services

The Waln Team is uniquely qualified to help you with all of your real estate needs, including:

  • Primary Residence
  • Personal Investment
  • Creative Deal Structure
  • Real Estate Syndication

Real estate is not only the core business of The Waln Team, it is the wealth generating engine of our proprietary comprehensive investment model.

Primary Residence

We have helped hundreds of people realize the dream of owning their first home using whatever methods best suit their needs. That can include government loan programs such as FHA or VA, conventional lending and even seller financing.

Moving up from your first home presents special challenges. Do you sell your current home before or after you buy your next one? Can you do a simultaneous closing and move directly from your current home to your new one? Do you use your first home as a rental? Should you use bridge financing or look at more creative options? The Waln Team is ready to provide you with the experience and information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Finally making your dream home a reality is a special day with special challenges. This is an exciting time filled with great opportunity and excitement, but it can also be a bit intimidating as you know you want your real estate transaction to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. This is a place where having a professional who has "been there and done that" many times before is an irreplaceable asset.

Creative Deal Structures

We are commonly asked "can you help with creative deals?" The answer to that is a resounding YES! Should you employ the relatively simple -- but very effective -- strategy of purchasing an apartment building with a very low down payment as an owner occupant? Do you need help with designing and implementing a small joint venture with like-minded investors -- either identified by you or us? The Waln Team can show you the pros and cons of creative strategies.

Would it be in your best interest to use seller financing? We've helped many clients utilize this option, not just for those rare times when the seller is offering to provide financing, but for the property you really want when you're competing with conventional buyers as well.

Personal Investment

So you want to build, expand or recover your personal real estate portfolio? The Waln Team has brokered over 500 investment transactions and can show you how to identify and implement your very best option.

Often people find that renting their first home when they move to their second home is their first real estate investment. Is this the right move for you? Is it really best or just convenient?

Clients often find that purchasing a building designed to operate as in investment is the most efficient way to start. Are you ready to take on a building of this size? Can you qualify to buy it? Are you capable of running it and maintaining it? We've helped hundreds of people make this crucial first step and not only provided them with what they need to acquire the property, but provided the resource of a trusted advisor to help them through the process after the sale is closed.

Once you start your investment portfolio, how do you most effectively grow it? Should it change with time and size? How do you consume the wealth created in your real estate portfolio most effectively? This can only be done by setting up your portfolio as efficiently as possible to begin with. Whether its tax planning, estate planning or simply getting the most money possible out of your hard earned investments, The Waln Team is qualified, experienced and ready to help!!

Real Estate Syndication

Our Real Estate Syndication Program, is simply putting together a structure that allows multiple people to invest in the same project. Investing in a real estate syndication is one of the more complicated forms of investing and is suitable for people who have a reasonable level of experience with investing.

This format is an exciting option that allows our clients to participate in purchasing, improving, managing and running commercial real estate without the need to be involved in the day-to-day operations. If you would like to learn if participating in this type of investment is right for you, contact us directly to learn more.