The term asset allocation is often used and rarely truly understood.

In order to understand this term and why it causes such confusion — often resulting in damage — we need to start with the investment industry. The average person, even those with significant wealth, typically find themselves with multiple investment advisors. One would hope this scenario would provide a benefit. In the end, it very often creates significant confusion and damage.

The problem arises from the likelihood that the investment providers can’t help but serve their own best interest.

The stock broker tries to develop a “strategy” that is made up of all or nearly all stocks. The insurance broker assures you that the specific tax and security benefits that only the insurance industry can provide mean that your “strategy” should primarily revolve around insurance products. Next, your real estate advisor explains why you just can’t hope to succeed without a “strategy” that is made up primarily of real estate.

You get the picture. All of your advisors want to help you, but they also only have a piece of the whole picture.

The nature of the industry is that they all are trying to get as close to all of your money invested in their “strategy” as possible. They don’t typically work well with other investment advisors because they know the other advisors are after the money they have invested with you! No wonder most people lose the investing game!

At The Waln Team we learned some very important lessons over the years!!

No single asset or even asset class can provide everything you need to develop the portfolio that best serves YOUR needs. A valuable advisor must be able to make recommendations that benefit the client. It’s not in your best interest for all your money to be in one asset or asset class. A good way to think of this is to think of investments like employees. If each of the employees does their job well, the company thrives. That is if the business plan is solid.

Asset allocation is the function of putting your employees (investments) in the right place so they can best serve your business plan (financial security). If one of your employees is not performing, they need to be managed to be more efficient or replaced.

Every one of your investments has a job to do. We need to make sure they do their job well.

  • At The Waln Team we start with developing your overall business plan — What are you trying to achieve?
  • Next we allocate assets to do certain necessary functions for your portfolio (business) to thrive.
  • After your portfolio (business) is set up and running we will assist in regular (typically 1-2 times per year) reviews of your portfolio (business) and see if some of your employees (investments) need to be better managed, replaced, added to or supported by another employee.

In short, this is the asset allocation function that The Waln Team provides.

We take assets from industries that typically compete for your money, thereby harming your efficiency, and we create an environment (business plan) where they can work together bringing in their strengths and combining them with other employees (assets) that support their weaknesses. When your assets are appropriately allocated, your portfolio (company) will run as effectively as possible. The goal of your portfolio (company) is to provide you with financial Prosperity — Security — and Independence as quickly as possible.

At The Waln Team, our proprietary investment model brings powerful strategies to bear that are typically enjoyed by only some of the very wealthy. Working together, we can empower you to realize the true financial independence you have been craving. It would be our privilege to show you how.