Investing in securities is traditionally a very difficult situation for most people. Which strategy should they use? What are the real returns? And will the money they need be available when they need it? What if your stocks or mutual funds are in a down phase while you are nearing retirement? We've seen it happen -- it's not something you want happening to you!!

We've studied many areas of the securities industry in depth for a number of years. With all the competing ways to invest, and the fact that a large percentage of people invest in the stock market, we wanted to know: What is the real return most Americans are achieving?

Client Returns...

Our clients averaged 8.34% over the last three years in their securities investments with no risk of loss of principal!!

Without a plan you're going to stay where you are. It's time to make a move!!

Paul Waln


Two studies give some eye opening answers...

... According to a study done by the IRS a few years back, for a period of 70 years, the average return on the US portfolio of stocks and mutual funds was 5.03% -- before tax!! Factoring out capital gains tax, the return is well below the average rate of inflation! Truth like this leads to a lot of "it won't happen to me" thinking. So let's look at a larger sample to see if these dismal returns are real...

According to the Social Security Administration, a jaw-dropping 95% of Americans pass away with a net worth of $1,500 or less! 95% of Americans are poor, impoverished, and out of options in their "Golden Years".

Where are the cruises? Where are the extended vacations with grandchildren? What is the point of it all?

The Waln Team Philosophy

At The Waln Team, we realize there are many ways to reach a goal.

You must first understand what the rules of the game are and then how to play that game. We believe that every asset you invest in has a role to play, similar to an employee in a company. What role do securities play in a portfolio designed by The Waln Team?

Have you ever lost money in a securities investment?

Have you ever worried about how your stock, mutual fund or sector is doing during a time when you wanted to be present doing something else? Have you paid -- or will you be required to pay capital gains tax -- on your securities investments eventually?

The Waln Team can show you guaranteed ways that will give you the following benefits in your securities investing:

  • You will never lose your principal again.
  • You will participate in the upside of the stock market... but not the down side!
  • You will never have to pay capital gains or income tax on a large part of your portfolio -- We're not talking about deferring the income and capital gains tax -- We are talking about legitimately avoiding it all together.
  • You will enjoy lower overall fees during your lifetime.
  • You will spend much less time thinking about your investments because they are structured conservatively and require very little alteration once set in motion.

What kind of difference would it make in your securities investing if you simply didn't even lose a dime?

Enjoy healthy returns -- Our clients averaged 8.34% over the last three years in their securities investments with no risk of loss of principal!! -- Learn how to legitimately avoid income and capital gains tax most Americans just assume they have to pay?

The Waln Team can show you how to achieve all of these truly life-altering benefits and improve your personal financial Prosperity -- Security -- and Independence whether you are just starting out, have been investing for decades or fall someplace in between!!