The BIG Picture: Planning for your estate

The objective for investing for retirement is often made more complex -- and therefore more clouded and ineffective -- than it needs to be.

The primary retirement goals are:

  • Replacement of earned income
  • Provision for the effects of inflation
  • Provision for long-term health care
  • Provide a legacy

It all starts off with the need!

One can look at statistical studies, the world around them, or consult with thousands of individuals and families, as The Waln Team has done, about their finances and investments. They'll find there is a need for long-term financial stability. No matter where you look, you will find the same result -- The vast majority of Americans do not have enough money to stay retired. They retire anyway, and then they run out of money in the later years of their lives. This process leaves them old, without financial assets, and in many cases ill. This is nothing short of a preventable, yet tragic epidemic which impacts roughly 60%-95% of our entire population!

Is this really a potential reality for most hard-working Americans? A working couple of 45 years of age -- with a desire to retire at age 65 -- who owns...

  • $750,000 home with $450,000 of equity and a $300,000 mortgage
  • $183,000 in current investments saved over time -- 401k, stocks/bonds and savings
  • $19,200 diligently saved every year, without fail -- for the next 20 years!

...will run out of money by the time they are 80 years old! Realize that this example assumes:

  • Their investments perform well
  • They have no college educations or weddings to pay for
  • They experience no major medical problems

Even under this "blue sky" scenario, they will likely be out of money by age 80 and have no means for paying for long-term care if one or both of them become seriously ill.

Now they find themselves in the financial position where their preferred lifestyle is not even a consideration. They are now in survival mode. When looking at housing, food, and health care, they often realize that they do not have enough money to meet even those basic needs. This negative reality, although extremely prevalent in our society, is also completely preventable in most cases. The Waln Team, using our exclusive Investment Model, can provide financial security if the model is efficiently executed.

Educating as many members of our community as possible about the true financial risk in their lives and empowering them to personally realize lasting financial prosperity and independence is our mission!!

Is the Risk Actually Real, Even for You?
According to a wide variety of studies, you will find that:
  • Between 60% and 95% of Americans will run out of money during their lifetime
  • The probability of a fire in your home is 1 in 1,200
  • The probability of an automobile accident is 1 in 240
  • The probability of experiencing a long-term care event is 1 in 2

For a couple turning 65, there is a 75% chance that one of them will need long-term health care. According to the American Council of Life Insurers, the average annual cost for a private room in a nursing home is $75,190. The national average for a semi-private room is only slightly lower at $66,795. Very few people realize that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid supplemental insurance cover only about 3% of all custodial care in nursing homes. Nearly half of all custodial care in nursing homes is paid by Medicaid. Medicaid is a government program for the indigent! This means that nearly all assets have been "spent down" in order to qualify for the program that pays for nearly one-half of all custodial care in nursing homes!

Americans are living longer!

We all run a very high chance of needing long-term health care in our lifetime. Long-term health care is very expensive. If you are not very wealthy during your retirement, you run the very real risk of losing your investment portfolio to pay for long-term health care costs. If this significantly likely event occurs, how will you feel about knowing you could have taken steps to prevent it NOW?

Why isn't the Risk Mitigated by the Majority of Americans?

Most people in our nation will not succeed in preventing this absolutely terrifying scenario even though it was in their power to do so. The fact is that there are some primary reasons why the steps necessary to realize financial independence usually never occur...

Most people find that when they actually face the reality that what they have done and are currently doing will result in the profound likelihood they will experience being old, sick and broke they are simply terrified of it. Once this happens most people will "pretend" everything will be okay, and will simply choose not to think about the problem. All the while, they are working out the "consequences" of living beyond their means. Without adequate investments to live their preferred lifestyle into later years, the true consequences do not show up in their day-to-day lives until much later. The paycheck and the credit card enable them to live well -- for now -- going on vacations and many times even sending their children to college. When a person or family looks at the reality that they will absolutely fail financially if they continue in their current choices, the most common response to that terrifying fact is to simply ignore it!

Our traditional investment options are set up with many flaws. Most resources available to the public have the same basic flaws. The majority of companies sell only one asset or asset class. The sales force is compensated only by selling that same asset class over and over. Human nature dictates that the sales force attempts to sell as much of that asset class as possible. This is not in the best interest of the consumer and the consumer can see or sense the flaw in this logic. Haven't you ever wondered why every salesperson promotes their product as the "best"? The result is a generally adversarial relationship between the sales force -- for financial services -- and the public. This negative relationship leaves the consumer constantly looking for the "best" or ideal next new thing that will resolve all their financial woes.

There is NO single asset, or asset class, existing today that can solve all the financial needs a family has to protect their financial future.

Most individuals or families simply do not posses enough wealth for traditional financial services companies to provide the resources to truly solve the financial needs of that individual or family. We find these high-end services are ONLY available to truly high-net-worth individuals and entities such as insurance companies and pension funds.

Most retail financial service firms find it is just much easier -- and therefore more profitable -- to sell one thing or asset class to consumers over-and-over again. Consumers get argumentative or scared when they don't understand the investment model they are being told to follow. It is hard enough to get the average consumer to understand the need for a single asset or asset class. When a sales force attempts to empower a consumer to understand the need for a multi-faceted, diversified, and symbiotic portfolio and investment model, they find it a difficult and time-consuming task. Often, educating the consumer is so time-consuming and the required expertise and communication skills of the salesman so lacking, it is simply beyond the ability of the average sales staff to accomplish.

This result is the perpetuation of the failing financial services industry model, not because it is better for the consumer -- remember 60-95% of Americans run out of money -- but because it is more profitable for the financial services industry.

Can The Waln Team meet this Overwhelming Need?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES!! There are three things that are required in order for true financial independence to become a reality.

  • An efficient and effective investment model -- attainable by average working people -- that will meet all of the financial needs an individual or family will ever likely experience for safety, liquidity, and rate of return, both in the short and long run.
  • A working relationship of trust between the staff at The Waln Team and the long-term client. Without a significant level of trust, the portfolio required to efficiently meet all of the financial needs of the average family or individual will never be built or maintained.
  • A relevant plan with a competent estate attorney in order to put legal strategies into place that will enable you to keep your hard won assets under your control and working for you. A plan to deal effectively with not only taxes, bequests and charities, but one that will allow your family to transition family assets and memories in a positive way during the passing of the family's wealth from one generation to the next. Don't forget this includes not just money but heirlooms, experiences and good will.

It takes time -- 8-15 years in most cases -- trust, and dedication to build a portfolio that will provide true financial security for the average family or individual. At The Waln Team, we have created a model over time that has outperformed all other investment options we've ever seen in all types of markets -- up, down, and flat. We have been in business for over 22 years and have seen many challenging, as well as positive, market conditions.

Our company has demonstrated that our proprietary investment model works and we have proven to stand the test of time in what can easily be classified as all likely market conditions.

It is only when a portfolio efficiently deals with the need for:

  • Liquidity
  • Enhanced return in a relatively safe environment
  • Protection from probable and realistic health care needs
  • Effectively and legally minimizing the capital gains and income tax liabilities of the portfolio
  • Strategies in place to protect and keep your wealth once it is earned -- guarantee of principal
  • Tying the entire portfolio and investing process together with the most efficient consumption strategy possible...

...that the portfolio will ever have the chance to truly meet the financial needs of the average family or individual. At The Waln Team, we have put all the resources together to identify, implement, and consistently maintain the portfolio necessary to empower the average individual or family to experience true financial independence -- and the ability to live their preferred lifestyle into perpetuity!

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how this proprietary investment model works and earn the right to be your primary professional resource for creating true financial independence and prosperity for you and your family -- for years to come!!