CC4R Program --Real Estate Syndication

The Waln Team, through its commercial division, is proud to bring you the opportunity to take advantage of an investment structure typically available to only the extremely wealthy or institutions. The concept behind our Syndication Program is a simple one -- provided you have the experience and resources The Waln Team has gained over the last few decades!! Our purpose is to identify and purchase aging small to mid-sized commercial apartment buildings with sound structures in premium locations. Once these buildings are purchased, it is our mandate to remodel or redevelop and reposition these properties in such a way as to significantly increase the rents and thereby significantly increase the value of the property, as well as the real-time monthly cash flow. This strategy effectively blends both the cash flow and asset appreciation approaches to real estate investing in one efficient and accessible investment vehicle.

The Waln Team handles all aspects of the investment including setting up the LLC, bringing the investment group together -- typically no more than 30 investors, and purchasing the properties. We also orchestrate the remodeling-redevelopment, and day to day management. You, as an investor, get all the advantages of investing, remodeling-redeveloping and managing high-quality investment properties in the Seattle Metro Area without any of the responsibility or even qualifying for a mortgage. This approach enables The Waln Team to bring you Prosperity, Security and Financial Independence in a way that you can participate in both now and in the future. We are qualified and positioned to bring safe, consistent, high-yield, investments to you with very low risk and NO personal qualification or management responsibility!

Safe Investment

This investment structure is extremely safe. Some of the ways in which we create safety are:

  • We purchase existing, high-quality apartment buildings with proven track records that would benefit from remodeling-redevelopment and will support a significant increase in rental rates and property value.
  • We use non-recourse lending whenever possible with low loan-to-value ratios. This protects you from liability, as the lender has no recourse to any of the investors and the low loan-to-value ratio -- typically 50%-65% -- creates positive cash flow from the start.
  • We build in reserves for cost of carry during remodeling-redeveloping as well as unforeseen expenses.
  • The Waln Team has significant experience in this market and knows both building values and rental rates intimately.


The strategy of investing in existing, high-quality apartment buildings with room for improvement-redevelopment gives us the ability to leverage our many years of experience and produce reliable, consistent returns. By sticking to the investment vehicle we know -- apartment buildings -- we can ensure stability at each phase of the investment -- purchase, remodeling-redevelopment, releasing and ongoing management or sale.

No Personal Qualification, Management or Responsibility

By structuring the investment inside a unique LLC under the syndication umbrella, we purchase the properties and qualify for the loans directly from the LLC. In addition, we use non-recourse loans. Investors purchase investment units in the LLC, and then the LLC purchases and remodels-redevelops the properties. The result is an extremely low-risk position for the individual investor and no need for the investor to qualify for the mortgage or even have the investment shown on his/her individual credit report.

The Waln Team handles all aspects of the investment from organizing the legal set up, gathering the like-minded investors together, purchase, remodel-redevelopment, and ongoing management of the buildings. You as an investor will be invited to an annual meeting of the investors held in our local office. You will also receive periodic investment updates throughout the year and an annual K1 investor's report to provide to your tax preparer. This is a true "hands off" investment that gives you the ability to invest in local properties that you can see and even tour during the construction phase.


By working only in our area of significant experience -- apartment buildings in the Seattle Metro Area -- we can achieve consistent projected returns in the range of 10% to 17%. Returns are calculated at an annually compounded rate and are net of all fees and expenses -- including all Waln Team fees.